‘Connect 4 Women’ programme is a collaborative programme which offers unemployed women in North Belfast the opportunity to take part in training, learning and personal development

A Holistic Approach
What's Right For You?

We take a whole-person approach, giving you a personalised pathway through the training and development that you feel would be most beneficial and we support you through our wraparound services

What is Connect4Women?

Connect4Women is a collaborative project between WOMEN’STEC, Glow NI, and Shankill Women’s Centre. We take a holistic approach to helping unemployed women in North Belfast to learn new skills, access further education, and build their confidence and self-esteem. We work with the women to explore their needs and develop an individual pathway that will allow them to access a unique blend of personal development, education and training that will improve their life opportunities and overall wellbeing. 

Our Courses

We work with you to decide which courses would best suit your needs. These can be anything from learning practical trade skills, to working towards GCSE qualifications, or personal development and confidence building.

Each organisation involved in Connect4Women offers a unique range of programmes including:

WOMEN'STEC: Practical and trade skills (carpentry, plumbing, mosaics etc.)

Glow NI: Personal development, confidence building, and wellbeing

Shankill Women's Centre: Further education such as GCSE Maths and English and more.

Call us to find out more:
02890 749510

Working Hours

  • Monday - Friday 09:00 - 5:00

What Our Students Say

I am now in part-time employment because I was able to sit my exams in the centre and my child attends the nursery all because Shankill Women's Centre made me believe I could do anything. I tell everyone to go even just to mingle with others. Shankill Women's Centre changed my life
Shankill Women's Centre
Not only was it amazing increasing my self-esteem and learning new, relevant skills, but they looked after my little one too so I could focus on what I was doing. The team does a fantastic job and the service is invaluable to the women they help. Thank you so much!
Natasha & Chara were fantastic at leading the course and I was lucky to be part of a fantastic group of other ladies as well. I now feel more equipped to deal with whatever life throws at me and have the confidence to take more chances.

Connect4Women is a collaborative project between:

This project is proudly support by The National Lottery Community Fund


29 Chichester Avenue
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Twin Spires Complex,
143 Northumberland Street
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Shankill Women’s Centre

151-157 Shankill Road
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